Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Designfenzider reinterprets everyday items into whimsical design objects with just a little bit of metal, vision, and ingenuity. Their pieces-- from fun fruit bowls and vases, to lamps and side tables-- playfully blur the line between the abstract and functional.

Fruit Bowl #1

Lamp #13

Lamp #19

Vase Maker

Clipper Rectangle

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Monday, November 19, 2007

...Design Miami Preview...

Design Miami (American sister of Art Basel, Switzerland) takes place from 12.06 - 12.09 and promises to be a "global forum for collecting, exhibiting, discussing, and creating design." For four days galleries and designers from around the world will blur the lines between art and design. Here's a little taste!...

Inox Lounge Chair by François Arnal at Cristina Grajales Inc., New York

Quasi Cabinet by Aranda/Lasch at Johnson Trading Gallery, New York

~ via MocoLoco

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Krä Light Containers

These beautiful "light containers" are inspired by Chilean roots, hand-shaped from 100% clay and fired in stone ovens.

~ via Baekdal

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...The Japanese are so Cool...

The Sakurasaku Glass leaves pretty cherry blossom water marks on your table. Yay for no coasters!

Available at Soolip Bungalow on Melrose.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I saw a prototype of Luke Chueh's Possessed Bear @ Munky King over half a year ago and thought it was the coooooolest thing. Little did I know they were only going to do a limited run of 1000 and the little buggers would be SOLD OUT forevvvver!!

i wish i could buy one here

...Let there be Light...

The German trio that comprises LICHTFAKTOR composes some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen with various lights and a slow shutter speed.

If these guys lived in the states I would be camped out on their front lawn. Not in a creepy way... ok, maybe just a little. ;)

Their flickr site is a MUST-SEE and they update often!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

...The Peking Noodle Co. Says...

So I started my first blog today! After my first couple posts, I was high on design fumes and decided to grab a bite on Sawtell @ Little Hong Kong Cafe. This was my fortune.

I hope the lovely designs to follow will make you as happy as they make me from day to day.

...Felty Goodness...

Yummy gray felt pouches from Working Class Heroes. Available through Etsy.

I put the camera case and ipod pouch on my x-mas list already. =)

~ via Notcot

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Speaking of felty goodness, check out Perloff's lecture hall @ UCLA

UCLA's Department of Architecture is presenting Double Edge Lectures & Exhibitions running through 12.10., culminating with a lecture by Toyo Ito.

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...Old Favorites...

I thought I'd celebrate the birth my design blog with a few oldies but goodies, as well as a few favorite posts from earlier in the year...

Bertjan Pot's Random Light for moooi has been around since 2001, but is still one of my favs!

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The Panton might just go down in my book as the chair to end all chairs. Plastic, Single-form, Cantilevered, Stackable, Perfect.

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The Carbon chair from moooi weighs in a close second. Another delectable treat from Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders, 2004.

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These awesome 'Hybrid' milk-crate creations from Made were blogged last February, but are so cool I had to bring 'em back! I think they speak to the DJ (or milk drinker) in all of us...

These amazing art installations are from Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils), a Portuguese street artist. Graphic design, installation and street art at it's best. Soak 'em up.

...'Haute' Wheels...

Lately I've been noticing a proliferation of 'haute' bikes-- from Paul Frank to Gucci, and now Chanel!! When gas climbs so high that you can't drive the Range down the block to grab a latte, you can hop on one of these hot little numbers sans granola and backpack and really bring fabulous to the streets! Love the thin double spokes and it's graphite-black yummy-ness. Even has padded leather handle grips and a little "make-up bag" on the back. Who needs to haul around make-up while riding a bike is beyond me, but fiercely cute nonetheless.

Vintage cool from Paul Frank

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Meet Ella, my little chrome beauty

Continuing on my current bike obsession... I just got this awesome little portable bike speaker from ihome (courtesy of my lovely friend Denise @ Apple-- Thanks Denise!). It fits onto your bike like a water bottle and comes with a cute little round remote control that attaches to your handle bars for easy flipping (key for music ADD freaks). I was surprised at how well designed it was-- most ipod accessories are white plastic pieces of crap. But this little beauty screws open and holds your ipod snuggly inside (it has adaptors to fit all ipods), which protects your ipod from bumps and rough LA terrain. When not in use the remote acts as a cap for the speaker end. The best thing? It's water and sand resistant so you can go from bike to beach without missing a beat. Lovely.

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